An alien civilization is building a Dyson sphere around its sun?

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An alien civilization is building a Dyson sphere around its sun?

To intercept Tabby’s Star light could be a mega artificial artifact, built by a super-evolved civilization, just to harness and harness all the energy of its sun.
A sort of “Dyson Ball”, therefore, theorized in 1959 by British astronomer Freeman Dyson. In fact, KIC 8462852 was photographed 1200 times over the period between 1890 and 1989, as part of a stellar mapping project.
Data collected in more than a century of observation proves that the Tabby Star behaves strangely from a variety of points of view: it flickers in a short time scale – as Kepler’s information shows – and is falling brightly over the years – as they show Harvard’s information.
Science always seeks the simplest explanation, considering it even the most logical, as the principle of the Occam Shavage supports. This case is no exception.
So, researchers – starting with Boyajian – are convinced that both bizarre behaviors are caused by the same phenomenon. And cometary swarm does not seem right. Imposing the constant passing of comets in front of the star for a whole century seems unlikely.
“It would serve a greater mass than what we find in the entire Kuiper Range,” Massimo Marengo, associate professor of astronomy at the State University of Iowa, one of the most convincing assertors to date, told Natural explanation.
“We might assume that it is the same family of comets to pass KIC 8462852 continuously, but to explain the trend in the decline in light intensity, we should think that this cometary family will become bigger every time it passes. And it is very difficult. ”
By contrast, the progressive increase in the percentage of light blocked would be better justified by the hypothesis of alien megastructure: As the construction proceeds and the Dyson Ball becomes larger, the brightness fades.
He warned Playton that extraterrestrials would have to have at least 750 billion square kilometers of solar panels to “capture” 20 percent of their sunlight. That is 1500 times the Earth’s surface. Mica bruscolini … For this reason, for now, we are far from finding an exhaustive, complete and verifiable explanation of the strange behavior of Tabby’s Star. Search goes on with each tool available.
Scientists hope that future remarks will allow them to reveal the arcane. “Nature can help us by reproducing another similar event, but we are not always lucky,” Professor Marengo said.



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