Ancient Aliens: Sketch of the Elohim

The appearance of ancient alien colonizers can be deduced from certain passages in the Bible and in ancient texts? That the Bible does not speak of God is clear, just read it by lifting the blankets of theology, of esotericism and Kabbalism, with open mind and serena.
Then the speaker, you may ask someone? Talk about a being called Yahweh in the flesh, which was an elohim, one of many, the elohim of Israel, and its in the Bible they are cited other, for Astarte elohim of Sidon, Camos elohim of the Moabites and ammonites elohim Milcom (1Re 11:33), so that Yahweh showed jealousy for his people towards them: “thou shalt not follow other elohim, elohim of peoples who would stand around because Yahweh your elohim which is among you, is a jealous elohim “(Deuteronomy 6:14 .15).
Other biblical passage clear and explicit is Deuteronomy 32:8, where talks about the Division of land by the number of the sons of elohim, a Division occurred in the days of Peleg (Genesis 10:25), and where there is also talk of new elohim, “have sacrificed … to elohim who didn’t know, news came from little … » (Deut. 32:17). The book of judges, 11:24 is indisputable, “haven’t you what Camos your elohim brought you possess?
We too shall possess the land of those who Yahweh drove in front of us. ” All this explains perfectly the ancient Hebrew translator Mauro Baker in his books, but in his meetings frequently asked questions are: where did they come from the elohim and how they are made.
I will try to build a real sketch of the elohim, drawing on extra-biblical documentation, since the Bible is scanty information, though not totally free. Very similar to us A first clear information is given it’s own with our creation, as we have been made with their image (Genesis 1:27), in Hebrew tselem, indicating a quid of the field that contains the image, the same root as the word means “something to cut, extract” (something cut off – “BDB Hebrew and English Lexicon”, op. cited in bibliography).
This material containing the image of the elohim, and should be cut away, was being taken from their blood. Clear about is the so-called Mesopotamian poem Enuma Elish (“When” – 1800 BC), which deals with the companies of the God Marduk, and tells us that ‘ where I had tied (the God Kingu) and brought before Ea, the imposed punishment and hacked off his blood. With his blood he (Marduk) constructed humanity …» (E.E. VI, 31-33). In another story, the Mesopotamian Antra-khasis (the supremely wise), epic in Akkadian language from the first half of the 2nd millennium BC, is specified by the whole proceeding, “that a God may be sacrificed and so the gods you purify by immersion. With his flesh and blood could Nintu mix the clay, so that God and man are mixed together in the clay … they answered Yes, the great Anunnaki (Sumerian Akkadian name to indicate the elohim. NDA), makers of destiny “.
Then it is evident that the tselem is nothing but the DNA of the elohim, which was mixed with the DNA of a primate, particularly compatible for Genetics, they found on their arrival on Earth, causing it to evolve into what we are today, homo sapiens, a hybrid.
So here’s the first given unequivocal: they were, and perhaps still are, very much like us, so anthropomorphic sexed, male and female, and had our own needs. Now the Bible is clear: “they heard the elohim that walking in the garden in the breeze of the day” (Genesis 3:8). Clear is also the encounter of Abraham at Oaks of Mamre (Genesis 18), “he lifted up his eyes and saw three men standing with him», and one of these men recognized him as his elohim, while the other two were of minor malakhim, el subjected to elohim Chief who accompanied, and that tradition and theology will transform then into angels.
These, entered the tent of Abraham, are fed, groom from the long trip, and after this meeting the sister and wife of Abraham, Sara, gets pregnant, which before was impossible with Abraham is also evident in other Biblical passages that some pregnancies have required the active form of some spinoza1111, including the miraculous birth of Samson (judges 13), in which “The spinoza1111 of Yahweh appeared to this woman and said to her, you shall conceive and bear a son … woman came to tell her husband: a man of Yaweh came to me», the Annunciation of Samuel (1Samuel 1:1-20) and the most famous Annunciation of Jesus (Luke 1:26), where Mary is visited by the so-called angelo Gabriele.
In ancient Hebrew, however, casi_gabi is not a personal name, but indicates its status as “strong man of God” or “man who has been given a power”, from the root ghever, singular of Hebrew ghibborim, powerful men born from pairs among the sons of elohim and the daughters of adam, who at the time were tovòt, which in ancient Hebrew does not mean beautiful but good, capable, suitable for, and in this case, suitable to mate sexually with the elohim (Genesis 6).
White skinned we have at this point a second element: the elohim and adam are very similar and procreative purposes, and this sexually compatible compatibility is stressed from the very beginning the Jewish mythology, as the serpent of Genesis was an elohim, named Semael, who seduced Eva in every sense: “the serpent seduced me and I ate” (Hebrew Bible Giuntina 2010 – Genesis 3:13) , stating that the Hebrew root of eating also indicates the Act of lovemaking, and seduce in Hebrew has double meaning to deceive and fertilize (ishiani); in fact, according to the mythology always Semitic,
Cain was the result of mating sacrilegious. Once the anthropomorphic resemblance and sexual compatibility, it is clear, however, that these physiognomic characteristics which should have anyway to distinguish them from ordinary mortals, though mortals so were them (Psalm 82). One of these was the whitest skin: the messengers of the Anunnaki Sumerians were called in ancient cuneiform GAL.GA, which means “GAL living being, creature, and GA” milk “, meaning Milky-skinned beings. In sumero-Akkadian these were called MIL. Ku, and the Bible, by the same consonant root mlk Spinoza1111.
Curious that in English the word for milk is milk. A confirmation is found in the apocryphal book of Enoch (Canon for the Orthodox Ethiopians), in part on the birth of Noah and it looks that disturbs the father Lamech: “Methuselah Lamech’s wife gave her son: she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. And his body was white as snow and as red as a rose bud … and her eyes were nice too … when he opened them brightened the whole House as the Sun …
Lamech is fright and ran away … I was born a strange child, other than a son of man … looks like the sons of the God of heaven … It seems to me that is not really my son, but of Angels “. Devoid of hair we can deduct another particular observing ourselves, since we are similar. Functionally, we are completely naked and our skin is exposed to the outside world.
The only non-furry species are usually those that live underground, or aquatic species and species covered by armor type the armadillo. It may be that we lost the hair following intervention genetic, because it seems absurd that we lost him in full ice age, and so it follows that the elohim may be lacking. You can read, in the Sumerian tablets, which the dea NIN. TA, together with EA, creates the LU. LU (mixed), the first man, and she gave birth to a new creation «a skin similar to the skin of a God “.

this lack of hairs (or at least somewhat of a certain size) in the elohim may let us deduct that on their planet of origin, Nibiru according to Zecharia Sitchin, lived underground, perhaps because the wandering planet (the word Planet comes from the Greek and means wandering star) wasn’t being constantly heated by a star, and then took advantage of the warmth of the nucleus , giving rise to legends of an underground world, the myth of the hollow Earth as Agartha, or Argavartha, homeland of the Hindu Vedas.
Also, in the Bible it can be noted that Yahweh has always required, when his physical presence among men, a team of servants (numbers 8:23-25) completely devoted to him, he wanted between 25 and 50 years old, healthy and beautiful (Lev 21:16-22) and especially without hair, washed and anointed (numbers 8:7), how to request also by Egyptian Neteru (the elohim in Egypt).
In short, the presence of hairs not liked, and who had contacts with them had to be strictly plucked! The human body, unlike that of primates, seems to be designed to elicit sexual arousal and unions of torque, penis length increased, large female breast size, earlobes, sensitive lips, vaginal angles that encourages face-to-face copulation of type very private, plently of scent glands and unique facial mobility in the animal world, it all happened – according to mainstream science – following the normal Darwinian evolution , which is unlikely because such mutations would require a very long time and extreme civil, human and Social tranquility, condition is not present at the time of the alleged evolutionary leap.
The man lived in wild conditions, which did not allow a quiet life from having intercourse Bon Vivant, indeed, we observe fast in nature yet mating in animals, to ensure the survival of the species and reduce exposure to potential attacks from predators. It is therefore questionable where this evolution. Maybe on another planet?
very high and with skull bigger than this, we have suffered an abnormal enlargement of the skull, which was partly counterproductive from the standpoint of the survival of the species, as it has complicated childbirth (already affected by transition to upright posture, which brought many benefits but shrank the dock) with an increase in the number of deaths at childbirth.
Perhaps the biggest skull could be a result of genetic mix: in all parts of the world, in ancient cultures born in the same period there are descriptions of these alleged gods arrived from the sky with a skull-headed, beautiful elongated skulls: big as in some votive Sumerian, explaining the ritual stipulates pre forming voluntary skulls with trying to look like gods.
In addition, the elongated skull most likely caused a draw of the skin of the face, which in turn causes a reptilian appearance: worldwide the deities were associated or identified with snakes. Another identifying feature of the elohim was to be also their height, 1.80 m. at 2.50 m. So they were very high, but not giants: those were other beings, perhaps even them arrived from the sky, but from another star system, or, according to other mythological theories, the Giants were the result of experiments pre-adam, who subsequently became extinct as sterile as a species.
According to the biblical elohim Jewish myths created before our other five worlds with beings, but destroyed them as why not satisfied. Sure is strange to imagine a universal God Almighty and experiencing, mistaken, destroys and recreates.
More clear and explicit were the Sumerians, who described on their tablets all experiments were wrong of the anunnaki, because they are not considered gods, how they would consider us today, but higher beings to fear and respect, because they could be so cruel.
The first men produced by the anunnaki had many flaws: one couldn’t close my hands, other’s eyes were always open, another had swollen feet and paralyzed, some were suffering from mental health problems, others holding urine, there were women unable to give birth and individuals without genitalia. The longest the only difference between us and the elohim unfortunately it seems the extreme longevity of the latter, in comparison to our miserable existence of a maximum of one hundred years, although in principle, according to the biblical text, the first humans lived up to 900 years and more.
This may be explained by Genetics, in that the elohim were called also the pure, purity from the genetic point of view and not spiritual, and certainly their genetic structure had to be perfect, and in cell mitosis the Telomere of their chromosomes not leaking DNA sequences. So, coupling only between them, strictly male gods goddesses stepsisters, ensured this purity, even if some of them are corrupt.
This tactic was adopted naively by men: as we mentioned above, Abraham was married to Sara, her half-sister: ‘ Furthermore it truly is my sister, the daughter of my father, but my mother’s daughter “(Genesis 20:12), which proved lethal to humans, as it’s not pure. Every time a cell divides, the DNA is a little shorter; a newborn has a sequence of 20,000 letters (nucleobases) of sequence, while a 60-year-old has about 10,000. Harmful recessive genes are damaged, i.e. are dominated by an equivalent positive gene, that is sure.
Because an illness develops, we must inherit two sets of recessive gene, one from each parent, so consanguineous relationships are dangerous for us, but not for the elohim, the pure. Where did they come from? Remains at this point a last question, where did they come from? No one knows exactly. ANU, the supreme deity of the Sumerians, the equivalent of the biblical Elyon (most high), it is said to come from Aldebaran (Alpha star of constellation Taurus), while the Nephilim (Giants) would seem to come from the constellation of Orion, identified by the Aramaic nefilà, while Allah for Quran comes from Sirius, “he is the Lord of SIRIUS ‘, from Sura LIII – An-N (the star), as the Babylonian Oannes or Nommo African tribe of the Dogon of Mali.
So apparently came from space, from other worlds, that is confirmed by some special needs, including animal fat roasted inhaling the fumes, which for them was nichochà, the Hebrew term that stands for calming, relaxing, soothing and not “soave” as incorrectly lists the canonical translation of the biblical text. It has been shown that the types of fat required by Yahweh elohim, “the fat and the entire queue at the end of the spine, the fat that surrounds the bowels and everything that is over, and the two kidneys with their fat and fat around the loins and the liver lobe» (Leviticus 3:9.10), burning produce fumes that assume a molecular structure similar to endorphins but the real curiosity is that our astronauts, who have performed spacewalks, returning have all felt a strong smell of burnt flesh resulting to the peeling of the skin of the same astronaut.
As a result, NASA has asked a British company to recreate in the laboratory that smell, so as to use it in the training of those who must go on a mission in space. The elohim could be so addicted to the smell to be become dependent. Another oddity is the nectar of the gods, the wine as it would seem that grapes and wine will help astronauts (source, journal Science Illustrated # 4 week/ott. 2012, p. 7 – News Flash).
Recent experiments show that Resveratrol protects against osteoporosis and insulin resistance, from diseases that may affect astronauts following a prolonged period of time in space. Resveratrol is contained in red wine and grape juice black, and is studying its integration into the astronauts ‘ diet. Interesting is to note that in the Bible, before the flood, the man did not know the plant of the vineyard.
The first stop was Noah after the universal disaster, after which the elohim gave him the seeds, and “began to plant a vineyard. Having drunk wine, got drunk “(Genesis 9:20 .21) because probably unaccustomed to this drink, and I was unaware of the effects. Given equally curious and interesting is that the first traces of vine cultivation were found in the Caucasus region, Armenia and in Turkestan, right in the area where they rested, for tradition, Noah’s Ark after the flood. One last curiosity physiognomy, which I cannot fail to mention, originates from the Iliad (suggested by Mauro Baker on his website, specifically in book XIII, where Poseidon comes in the guise of the soothsayer Calchas, but acknowledged: “this is not Calchas … the footsteps of feet from behind as the legs I easily recognized him leaving: recognizable are the theoi».
Maybe the gods had six fingers instead of five, as the protagonist of the famous Roswell alien autopsy?


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