Charles Chaplin's Humanity Message (Video)

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Charles Chaplin’s Humanity Message (Video)

Chaplin: “We imprisoned ourselves, the abundant machinery left us in need, our knowledge made us cynical, we think too much, it feels too little.”

Surely this speech has been heard by many on countless occasions. But no matter how many times it’s published, it’s worth remembering it once, a thousand times if necessary. “Soldiers, those who despise you, are reduced to slavery, regulate your life, your brain, and fatten cattle to treat them as cannon fodder!”

Il messaggio per l'Umanità di Charles Chaplin (Video)
Charles Chaplin’s Humanity Message (Video)

Words that, as told by Geraldine Chaplin, “seem to have been written today”. The director’s daughter maintains that the message of the film is now, 77 years after the first, “more current than ever.” This thought should be extended to all corners of this world, a world upset by changes that are happening and will happen again.
Changes we must take as good because sooner or later they give rise to a new human paradigm. A new planetary consciousness will scald everything rotten and the decay of this unjust system of unequal lives of every living being on this planet.


El “Actual” Mensaje para la Humanidad de Charles Chaplin (Video)

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