Aliens: Are you ready to meet them?

Aliens: Are you ready to meet them?

It is possible that humanity is at the most important threshold of its history; A contact with an extraterrestrial civilization might be close to the future.
Until now this was the theme of sci-fi books and extraterrestrial films. But scientifically speaking, the universe is too big to maintain one civilization, one human.

Is there a possibility of incoming extraterrestrials?

The (SETI) has launched a project on extraterrestrial intelligence research, these projects have been funded by the US government and private sources.
For now, nothing has been found to confirm alien life forms, or if something was found, it could be kept hidden by the public. However, many planets have been discovered in our galaxy very resembling Earth, and one might think they are home to life forms.
A few months ago, based on information yet to be verified, there was a meeting of a U.N. committee, composed of members of the Security Council dealing with these issues.
It was the first time in recent decades that the committee had met to discuss any possible extraterrestrial discovery. Of course, few civilians know what was being discussed at the meeting.
Meanwhile, something very interesting has attracted interest. A month after the Pope’s visit to the United States, the Vatican newspaper, “L’Osservatore Romano”, held an interview on May 13 with the director of the Vatican Observatory; Titled – The Alien is My Brother -. We read the contents of the interview. When asked about extraterrestrial life, the manager replied by saying:

It is possible even if we do not have any evidence until now. But surely in such a great universe this hypothesis can not be ruled out.

Aliens: Are you ready to meet them? Is there a contradiction between Catholic faith and belief in aliens? “I think there is no contradiction. Just as there is a multitude of creatures on earth, so there could be other beings, other intelligent beings created by God.
This is not in contradiction to our faith, because we can not establish the limits of God’s creative freedom. To put it in the words of St. Francis, if we are able to consider some earthly creatures as brothers or sisters, because we could not To speak of a “extraterrestrial brother”?
It would still be part of the creation. ” “It is important to note that the Vatican for the first time in its history has issued such a statement. And the Vatican makes no statements unless there is a reason.

  • Obviously there is no reason for the Vatican to make such a statement at this time.
  • Subjectively there may be a reason why humanity knows nothing about it.

We try to be more concrete.

In the past it happened that the strongest prevailed on the weakest, leading to the extinction of the weaker species.
This is one of the reasons why Neanderthal man has disappeared, and Homo sapiens has prevailed. If there has been a contact between humanity and an extraterrestrial civilization, the first ones to be questioned would be religions.
What today is coming out of the Christian Bible. In order to prevent the collapse of religions that could lead to the chaos and the loss of power of the religious institutions of the planet, the Vatican wanted to cover its shoulders, announcing that there is no contradiction between faith and belief in extraterrestrial life
Consequently, contact between man and an extraterrestrial civilization may be imminent. This would explain the Vatican statement.
If so, all the problems on the planet would become temporarily irrelevant, given the importance of such a contact. But we have to wait to see.
Source: Ufo Alieni

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