Found Awesome Abandoned Soviet Hangar (Video)

Found Awesome Abandoned Soviet Hangar (Video)

Explorant Alexander Kunas walked 25 kilometers through the desert to reach the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan several months ago.

Found Awesome Abandoned Soviet Hangar (Video) The remains of the most expensive Russian space project are abandoned in a hangar, hidden from the sight of the curious in the vast steppes of Kazakhstan at the cosmodrome of Baikonur.
When the program was abandoned by a Russian state with liquidity problems in 1993, five projects were under construction. The original Buran and Little Bird were together until a storm destroyed the first ship thirteen years ago. The hangar is located a few miles from the Gagarin launch ramp (where cosmonaut Yuri Gagrin became the first person to fly in space in 1961). Next to the Shuttle Shed, another abandoned building, houses the Energy-M test model.



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