"I interviewed aliens, that's why I'm here," says a researcher

“I interviewed aliens, that’s why I’m here,” says a researcher

There are numerous cases and testimonies of close encounters and alien abductions. A lot of witnesses around the world tell about similar experiences, sometimes not too reassuring. According to a conspiracy theory, these supposed kidnappings and experiments would serve the aliens to study and create a hybrid race.
For skeptics all this is the plot worthy of a science fiction film, and although there are numerous reports, they point out that there is no concrete evidence demonstrating this theory. Researcher Miguel Mendonça claims to have been in contact with real alien beings and interviewed them.
In his latest book “Being with the Beings”, Mendonça highlights the result of these interviews and above all what many fans of the subject are longing for: why interact with humans?
The “alien” idea presented by Mendonça is different from that of the collective imagination. Usually when talking about extraterrestrials, you immediately imagine a graceful humanoid from the oval head and the big black eyes. But what the researcher describes, they are almost “spiritual” entities (a bit like seen in the movie “Six Days on Earth”, for example).
Mendonça presents the encounter of people in contact with these beings, and then can communicate with them precisely thanks to the contacts. It is from these interactions that the author would have known the Pleiadian (ie coming from the Pleiades complex in the Taurus constellation) named Sasha. Sasha talks about a relationship of collaboration with humans, almost as a spiritual guide, to help them evolve in a state of superior consciousness (already reached by those of her race), where the physical body becomes something irrelevant.
“Humans are not their bodies, they are not their minds, and they are not their thoughts. They are multidimensional beings who are experiencing a human experience, anchored to an ego in a physical reality, “he claimed to be Pleiadian. Mendonça claims to have encountered another breed of amphibian aliens, who would claim to come from the Betelgeuse star system, known as the Orion Council, through a contact. This race, on the other hand, would say that collaboration and interaction with humans would serve as a free exchange of learning.
For Mendonça’s skeptics, he would be nothing more than a charlatan, and accuse him of having invented all these stories in a healthy way just to be able to sell his books. Certainly those of the writer are strong statements that will hardly be seen by everyone.

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