Mars has been populated for 20 years: the shocking revelations of hacker Gary McKinnon

Mars has been populated for 20 years: the shocking revelations of hacker Gary McKinnon 

Human colonies will be on the red planet for several years, and the US will also have a space warfare.

According to a Scottish programmer and hacker nicknamed “Solo,” who has been involved in ten years in a legal battle with NASA after infiltrating its systems, the United States would have a full-fledged warship of warships fully operational.
Gary McKinnon, his name, firmly believes that he has come across the definitive steps that would prove that the United States would have a secret spatial space managed by the Navy with spacecraft already operating in space. During an interview on the UFO Richplanet TV channel, McKinnon revealed the truth about his discoveries, the result of a careful search lasting for months and months.
The hacker would have used a software called Landsearch that made it easy to find burning files and folders. “I looked at many documents and found an Excel file, a spreadsheet, which read: ‘Non-Territorial Officers’. There were also military names and degrees. ”

Gary McKinnon has been accused of having “made the greatest illegal intrusion of all time to military computers” by getting into the Air Force, NASA, US Army and Navy systems.
During his latest interview, McKinnon revealed that an internal informant, Donna Hare, would tell him that NASA was trying to hide sensitive information by retouching high-resolution satellite imagery depicting UFOs.
NASA was also clamoring for many images coming from Mars, hiding structures that closely resemble an urban complex, probably the real cities. Although there are many people convinced that this is a giant buffalo, it must be said that even some US and NASA employees have been right about McKinnon’s claims.

Mars has been populated for 20 years: the shocking revelations of hacker Gary McKinnon

According to the statements of a former Marine known as Captain Kaye, in fact, not only humans have colonized Mars, but have even developed a secret space program and a true fleet that operates in space. The former Marine would have been involved in a mission to Mars for several years, where its job was to protect the five human colonies from possible incursions of indigenous Marx lives.
According to the captain, he would also be aboard a spacecraft carrier for three years and he would work for the Mars Defense Force (MDF) owned by Mars Colony Corporation (MCC), a conglomerate of finance institutions, technology companies and US government.

Kaye and her team were part of a special section of US marines with a secret mission aimed at protecting and securing the life of five new colonies on the surface of the red planet. The Earth Defense Force, another secret military branch, would have recruits coming from other countries like China and Russia.
Many parts of Captain Kaye’s story collide with what Michael Relfe, another NASA mole affirms, claims to have served on Mars for 20 years.

Mars has been populated for 20 years: the shocking revelations of hacker Gary McKinnon

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great-grandson of former US President Dwight Eseinhower, said many efforts had been made to “recruit” a human colony to be dispatched to Mars led by researcher Hal Puthoff. According to another infiltrated and six employees, his colleagues would have been human beings in Mars for over 20 years.
Once they dumped telemetry data from Viking Lander, NASA launched a navy in the 1970s, they saw human footprints on the Martian soil surface, which is apparently impossible, as no human being has ever set foot on Mars .
Not only that: if you try to “explore” the planet with Google Maps, you can easily notice how many areas of Mars appear blurry or strangely smooth: and if Nasa wanted to keep us in the dark, showing us just what he wants? A YouTube user, David Vose, performing a “cleaning” of some of these images, removing the red and the brown hypothetically added by NASA, would notice the similar constructions of streets and homes.
What is the truth then? Mars is really populated? And why is NASA hiding everything?

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