NASA: Aliens are watching us and landing on Earth

Aliens are among us, landed on Earth and look at us. To reveal it is not the usual anonymity on the web, but some Nasa engineers who would have revealed that they had had contact with aliens.
Not only that: the extraterrestrials would have settled on the Planet and they would already be among us. The first to talk about the arrival of aliens on Earth was Edgar Mitchell among members of the Apollo 11 mission in 1971.
The astronaut walked for nine hours on the moon and revealed that aliens have been watching us for quite some time. Mitchell says all major governments are aware of this, but have hidden information to prevent panic. Of the same idea, Gordon Cooper, one of the first astronauts to travel in space from 1958 to 1963 and part of the NASA Project Mercury crew.
Cooper firmly stated that aliens not only exist but also landed on Earth. It is certain, he explained, since in 1951 during a training he was faced with an UFO. Not only Cooper and Mitchell, other NASA engineers are convinced that extraterrestrials are already among us. Among these Dake Slayton, famous for being the first man to take part in a space mission.
Slayton revealed that he had been in contact with an UFO in 1951 and has since supported the hypothesis that aliens exist. Finally we find Brian or Leary, astronaut selected to take part in a mission to Mars, who has openly stated that he had contacts with alien life forms.
Why do these sudden revelations from such influential NASA personalities?
According to the ufologists, world governments would be preparing to reveal to the world the existence of alien colonies on the planet and these statements would be proof of it: “Recently – explained Russell Calka, co-founder of the organization ‘The Disclosure Activists’ There is a systematic effort from within the United States Government to release that information to the public. ”



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