Return to our extraterrestrial origins.

Return to our extraterrestrial origins.

About 80 years ago, some American anthropologists during comparative analysis conducted on skeletons of ancient caverns and ancient monkeys came to an astonishing conclusion. Approximately fifty thousand years ago on Earth, a spacecraft on board landed on which strange humanoids were similar to those on Earth.
The surprising thing was that the female skeletons discovered by scientists were very similar to those of primates, and they came to the conclusion that the first female hominids had the ability to move only on four paws, contrary to those mysterious spatial male travelers who Were able to walk in the right position. In fact, the male skeletons found by anthropologists had shown that their structure was able to withstand a straight line, such as that of the modern earth.
To explain this paradox Lin and Berger dared to formulate a curious theory. Once upon Earth, this humanoid would have made women a sort of biological incubator designed to put the hybrid creatures on the world. The hypothesis, of course, might seem crazy, despite attempting to emphasize a number of discrepancies in the anatomical structure, completely different between the Maaschile and the female body.
According to the theory proposed by the two researchers, the alien ship was intended to carry only men, because, as suggested by Lin and Berger, the navy should have acted as a sort of “cosmic prison”. Most likely they were just thieves or assassins destined to shed their faults on far-off planets.
During their punitive journey they would have rebelled and forced to land on Earth following a sudden breakdown of their galactic prison. Of course, once they landed on our planet, they demonstrated all the high lineage as opposed to that of the earthy humanoid primitives because they not only succeeded in joining primitive primates closer to their body structure, but practiced some genetic mutations on women so To allow them to walk on two legs and no longer on carponi like wild animals.
Progressively, terrestrial females were selected to ‘humanize the whole Earth Planet while extraterrestrial visitors were forced to exile far from their native civilization, which meanwhile had inexorably degraded. The offspring of the primitive man lost much of the knowledge gained from their extraterrestrial ancestors.
In support of the seemingly crazy theory, other facts are mentioned that would disrupt Darwinian evolutionists. One of these discrepancies was the ability to create tools that almost simultaneously appeared throughout our planet. The bronze, which logically had to be prior to the forging technique of an unknown metal, for some reason disappeared from the history of mankind.
The supporters of the paleocontract would be able to gather other incredible evidence in support of this theory. Now, considering the sudden engineering skills of the ancient Earthly locals who were able to build huge monuments, it is obvious that such knowledge could have been shared by the ancient shipwrecked aliens landed on the Earth in a completely accidental manner.
Nella metà del 19° secolo, i ricercatori U.Bullosu e K.Dzhilmoru avevano scoperto all’interno della dura lava vulcanica del Kentucky, i resti fossilizzati di una strana creatura la cui struttura ossea molto simile a quella umana sembrava indicare la sua capacità di camminare su due gambe.
The strange creature was fitted with five fingers opposed to each other, so it had to be particularly evolved. Also, during the mythical gold rush, California’s umanoids skeletons lived in California fifty million years ago. Scientist and explorer ZakariyaSitchin had published a long article intriguing: “The case of alien genes … Adam”, which states that human origin is attributed to genetic engineering conducted by ancient astronauts from Nibiru , The Annunaki.
The whole essence of the evolutionary theory of human beings formulated by Sitchin aims to argue that life on Earth has emerged following the intervention of an extremely advanced civilization by taking advantage of the approach to the Sun of their planetary planet, Planet X, whose cyclicity ‘Astronomical’ was estimated around 300,000 years ago.
Once landed on Earth, genetic experimenters would create the human race destined to overcome all their whim and be enslaved so that it would be used within enormous gold fields. This would prove that aliens are actually interested in our energy resources and particularly precious minerals.


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