Revelations of a Rettilian

I do not know how real you are in this interview I found on the Other Reality site, but it’s pretty interesting it might answer some questions. I warmly invite you to read and draw your conclusions.

Revelations of a Rettilian

Unfortunately, reading the whole transcript and (especially) this much shortened version I have the strong impression that all I’ve written can sound too absurd to be
True, and that all sounds more like a bad science fiction story taken by TV or Cinema,
And I have serious doubts that someone will truly believe in my experience.
But it’s all true, whether you believe it or not. I can not wait for you to believe my words without proof, but I can not give it to you. Please read the transcript and reflect on it and maybe you will see it Truth in these words.
First of all, who are you and what are you? You are an extraterrestrial species or your origins
Can they be found on this planet?
As you can see with your eyes, I’m not a human being like you and, to be
Honest, I’m not even a real mammal (despite my body having some
Mammal-like parties, result of evolution). I am a female reptilian being
To a very ancient reptilian race. We are the original Earthlings and we live in this planet from
Millions of years. We are mentioned in your religious writings like your Christian Bible and many
Of ancient human tribes were aware of our presence and treated us as
Gods, such as Egyptians, Inca and many other ancient tribes. Your religion
Christian has misunderstood our role in your creation, so we have been mentioned as
“Evil snakes” in your scriptures. This is wrong. Your breed was
Genetically modified by aliens, and we have played a more or less passive role in all
This issue of accelerated evolution. You must know (some of your scientist has already arrived at
Support it) that your species has evolved too fast to be a process
Natural, in barely 2-3 million years. This is absolutely impossible, because
Evolution is a much slower process when it is natural, but you have not yet understood it. There
Your creation has been artificial, due to genetic engineering, but not by us but by
Part of an alien race. If you ask me if I’m extraterrestrial, I have to answer no. We
We are native landlords. We had and still have some colognes in the solar system, but
We are originally from this planet. In fact this is our planet, not yours. It has never been
Lacerta belongs to an indigenous, indigenous, reptilian race, not derived from space
But evolved from a relative of the iguanodon dinosaur;
· There are other reptilian breeds (other than that of Lacerta), originating from the space that
Have come to Earth in past ages;
· Human evolutionary course has been accelerated by genetic manipulations by
Alien humanoids, known in the Bible as Elohim, with the aim of enslaving the human race;
· The atavistic enmity between men of the Rectilians (also quoted in the Bible, in the passage of Eve and the
Snake) was deliberately induced by Elohim creators because they maintained the reptilians
A disturbance factor;
· Territorial reptiles witnessed a battle between different factions of Elohim,
Probably the one that led to the biblical fall of the “angels”;
· The UFOs we see today flying into the skies belong to some governments (who have them
Built through alien retro engineering), partly to the land reptiles, partly to
Other alien races;
· Terrestrial reptiles live in a dense system of underground tunnels and rooms
Capable of psychic mimicry;
Well, after a few centuries the aliens decided to extinguish their first creation and accelerated
The evolution of a second and best species and so on. The truth is that your modern civilization
Human is not the first in Earth, but already the seventh. First-class buildings are
Now lost, but the fifth civilization was the one that built the great triangular constructions that you
Called “Egyptian pyramids” about 75,000 years ago (your Egyptians simply found these
Ancient pyramids in the sand and tried with little success to build such objects) and the sixth
Civilization was what about 16,000 years ago built the cities whose ruins today can be found
Under the sea in the so-called Bimini area (the Bermuda Triangle, where Atlantis dropped down).
The last creation of your species – yours – was made only about 8,500 years ago and this is the only one
Creation that you can remember and to which your religious writings refer. You are based
Archeological and paleontological artifacts that show you a mistaken and short past, but moreover
How could you know something about the previous six civilizations. And if you find any evidence
Of their existence, deny and interpret the facts. This is due to the
Programming your mind and part to just ignorance. I’ll only talk about yours
Creation, because the six previous civilizations are lost so you should not be interested.
There was a long war between us and the Elohim and also among certain groups of the Elohim themselves, as
Many of them were of the opinion that the continual creation of human species on this planet does not
It made a lot of sense. The last battles of this war were fought about 5,000 years ago
In orbit and surface. The aliens used powerful sonic weapons to destroy ours
Underground cities but against us we were able to destroy many of their installations
Surface and their bases in space. The humans of your species were very scared when
They watched our battles, and wrote them in the form of religious myths (their minds did not
They were still able to understand what was happening). The Elohim – who appeared as “God”
For the sixth and seventh race – they told him it was a battle between good and evil and that they were
Represented the good and that we represented the evil. In my opinion, it was in our own right
Fight for our planet. It was 4,943 years ago – based on your scale
Temporal – that the Elohim left the planet again for unknown reasons (this is one
A very important date for us, because many of our historians considered it a victory). But
The fact is that we really do not know what happened. The Elohim left for a day
To the other, disappeared without leaving traces with their ships and we discovered that most
Of their surface installations were destroyed by them. Humans remained alone and yours
Civilization developed. Many of us were in contact with some tribes of your species (especially
South) in the centuries to come and we were able to convince some of them that we did not
We were the “evil” that the aliens made him believe. During the period of about 4,900 years ago
To date, many other alien species have come to the planet (some of them exploited the ancients
Teachings and ancient programming of your minds and “play” to do the gods with you)
But the Elohim never came back. Prior to these events they
They left the planet for a few thousand years, so we expect them
Return to the future to finish their projects or perhaps to extinguish the seventh race, too
To tell the truth we do not really know what has happened to them (to respond in advance to this
Your question).
Your current civilization knows nothing of its true origins, of its true past, of the world and
Of the universe and you know very little about our past and about us. And you do not know anything about that
Is going to happen. As long as you do not understand and believe in my words – I’m telling you the truth because
We are not your enemies – your species will be in danger. If you have not believed anything of that
I told you before, you should at least try to believe and remember this.
Content of the second interview
· Lacerta argues that physical reality is a pure holographic illusion, created by
A field swing that concentrates energy in shapes;
· Rectilian technology is based on plasma, the 4th state of aggregation of matter;
· Plasma state is used to generate gravitational fields capable of doing so
Levitate the UFOs of terrestrial reptiles (incredibly coincides with the functioning of the
Innovative technologies Keshe, n.d.H.);
· The universal energy-matter is subdivided into various levels of energy concentrations that
Determine the levels of consciousness;
· The psychic powers of terrestrial reptiles originate from the interaction of consciousness with the
Morphogenetic field;
· Lacerta confirms that Roswell’s UFO incident involved real alien and explains why
Of the crash;
· A pact was then concluded, interrupted between US government and aliens in terms of military bases and
Nothing to abductions in exchange for retroengineering;
· For hostile or neutral alien races, humanity is only a cold object of study,
Experimentation and exploitation;
· Lacerta explains how to distinguish a real UFO from a fake;
· Reasons and modalities of Lacert’s first encounter with E.F;
· A detailed description of the ground bases of the Earth’s reptiles;
· … and so on.

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