So-Called Apocalyptic Fireball Caught On Videos From Different Locations

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So-Called Apocalyptic Fireball Caught On Videos From Different Locations

The sight of a flaming ball falling from the sky has made some viewers baffled and frightened. Two videos recorded from two separate places caught an apparent the same sight of what seemed like a massive fireball.
Taken in Louisiana on April 29, the first video shows what looks like a falling object from the sky having a huge trail of smoke behind.
The second video, which then uploaded on the same night, was recorded from neighbouring state of Texas. It also shows a large UFO falling to the ground with a bright reddish colour around it and a huge trail behind.
Both videos show a seemingly burning fire falling out of the sky or a bomb coming down to the Earth’s surface.
Some UFO hunters suggest it could be an unusual weather phenomenon or a downed satellite.
Other commenters joked about the two videos saying they show Superman from Krypton coming down to Earth.
Others described the incident as alarming as it involved an apocalyptic fireball streaking across the sky above the two states in the U.S. As of posting time, no official explanation yet as to what caused such thing to happen. One user commented that how come the thing considered apocalyptic as it never made a big headline moments after both videos circulated online.

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