U.S. Military Reveals Instructions On How To Photograph UFO

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U.S. Military Reveals Instructions On How To Photograph UFO

The manual on how to snap UFOs was recently declassified in the U.S. Department of Defense files. The document “DoD Instruction 5040.6, Life-Cycle Management of DoD Visual Information (VI)” contains 27 pages, including data from 2002.
In Section 21 of Chapter 5, the document shows a table concerning imagery that records unidentified flying objects and other aerial phenomena not clearly identifiable as missiles or conventional aircraft. The table also shows a list of priority assigned to each category of imagery along with appropriate handling instructions. It instructs the military to make digital copies of the media and send them to the Defence Visual Information Center.
UFO researcher and blogger Paul Dean uncovered the document through the Freedom of Information Act. Dean said that the table of what to photograph and not to photograph lays out entirely both UFOs and aerial phenomena with descriptors.
The document proves that the U.S. did not stop documenting and researching UFOs after the 1960s, contrary to what is widely believe.
Dean notes that the files in the document don’t link UFOs to aliens. However, he adds that the government obviously keep a straight face on the UFO issue when they clearly state it in plain English for the military to digest.


U.S. Military Reveals Instructions On How To Photograph UFOs

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