UFO and Aliens: cases of livestock mutilation return: here's the video

UFO and Aliens: cases of livestock mutilation return: here’s the video

There are many strange newspapers and no apparent explanations that we read on the net, such as the one that tells us about a professor who claims that the aliens have colonized us, but on April 29th there was an abnormal fact that could always concern ETs.
The news we will deal with, which has become viral in the last few hours on the Anglofone newspapers, tells us of two factors that found in their camps 32 of their livestock cattle. The news was reported by USA Today, which accuses the blame of the incident at a lightning storm. Apparently, the incident could have a rational explanation, but there are those who claim that the blame of the phenomenon can be attributed to something alien.

Alien powders

As reported in the International Business Times, on a farm located in Missouri owned by Jared Blackwalder and his wife, Misty, 32 cattle were surveyed in a terrifying lightning strike on 29 April. The conspiracy theorists, however, argue that accusing the blame of the incident at a mere storm of lightning, is definitely too simplistic.
Tyler Glockner, founder of the Youtube channel SecureTeam 10, also claims that at the apex of the phenomenon there is no lightning storm, but probably the aliens. The fleshly images have been spread on the net with a movie, which has become virulent immediately; Only in the early hours 129,000 people saw images of dead cows, expressing their comments. Will this have anything to do with theories that hypothesize that aliens are hostile to us?

Extraterrestrial hypotheses

Glockner argues that the dynamics of events are very similar to those of the famous ‘cattle mutilation’, which we still have not been able to give a certain and irrefutable explanation. Many users who have commented on online video say the blame can not be attributed to lightning storms, as viewing photos does not show signs of burns or other elements that would confirm this hypothesis.
Mysteries in the ufologic and historic domains that do not yet have a certain explanation are so many. Just think of the enigma of Piri Reis’s map, which has fascinated experts for years, and which according to some would prove either the existence of aliens or a very developed earthly civilization that was wiped away by a cataclysm. As always when talking about these topics it is up to you to choose what to believe.



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