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UFO sightings have been all too common in the news lately, but a Russian UFO hunter might have spotted the largest of them all. Interestingly, the object in question wasn’t spotted in the skies, but in Antarctica of all places.
Valentin Degteryov showed images of the alleged UFO, which he claims had crash landed in Antarctica millions of years ago, Fox News reports. The images, taken via Google Earth, show a huge object jutting out of the snow. Degeryov, a resident of Nizhny Tagil in Western Russia, says that the object is 1,900 feet long.
The Russian conspiracy theorist claimed that the alleged alien spaceship has been made visible after the snow that used to cover it melted — an explanation that makes sense if one takes into account climate change.
Degteryov’s YouTube video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views since it made the news yesterday.
Many people who viewed the YouTube video dismissed the Russian’s theories, with some of them presenting theories of their own, the most popular being that the “object” was just a rocky outcrop on the snowy mountain.
Of course, any person who has access to the internet can find the “object” via Google Earth. Degteryov revealed the alleged UFO’s coordinates: 73~13’55.09?S,71~57’12.98?W.

Another mysterious object has been recently spotted via satellite images, but this time it was found on the surface of the moon. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a group of UFO experts called SecureTeam10 posted a YouTube video showing Google Earth images of a tank-like object. The photos were taken during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971.
“A tank-like object has been discovered on the moon, scattered among what appears to be ruins of some sort,” SecureTeam10 said in the video.
“Now, of course, the moon is covered by rocks but when I saw this, it made my ears prick up,” Tyler of SecureTeam10 said. “If this was a tank it would have to be ancient, which explains the weathering on this thing.”

SecureTeam10 posted another YouTube video showing images of “mobile alien bases” on the surface of the moon. The photos were taken by Nasa’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been surveying the moon since 2009. The video has garnered thousands of hits after it made the news.
What’s even more interesting about this particular piece of UFO news is that the “structure” in question appears to be moving on account of the numerous photos taken at different angles.
Another strange photo appears to be showing a crater shaped like a perfect triangle, leading UFO hunters to the assumption that it was formed via artificial means.
This theory has been bolstered even further when UFO enthusiasts pointed out via Google Moon (a version of Google Earth) that the triangular structure has gone missing. They claim that this presents further proof that “alien bases” are capable of moving.
NASA offered a more scientific explanation of the alleged alien structures, claiming that UFO enthusiasts are just seeing patterns of what they want to see in the photos. They explained that the “structures” appeared the way they do in the satellite images because of possible tricks in the light.
It’s not uncommon for people, especially those who want to believe in supernatural agencies, to see patterns in unconnected data. This psychological phenomenon is called apophenia. As an example, in 1976, Viking orbiters once spotted a structure on the red planet that looks like a big face. The so-called “face on Mars” was later unmasked (so to speak) when NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft took high-resolution 3D images of the structure, revealing that the face was only a mesa formed by chance alignment due to shifting sand dunes.
Do you think that the Russian conspiracy theorist spotted an actual alien spaceship in Antarctica? Or was he experiencing a classic case of apophenia? Feel free to share your thoughts below. We’ll keep you posted on more UFO news as it comes in the pipeline.




UFO News: Massive UFO Crash Site ‘Spotted’ In Antarctica — See Photo Inside

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